Get your stories, content, information and presence delivered to the world, for free.

Everything you do now, just to more people, but without the financial risk and loses you are used to.

- every desire starts with an inspiration ...

Disrupting the way you pay for sales, advertising and branding,

by moving the payment from delivering your message (advertising)  to when people buy your products (sales), online or in local retail.

Get your story delivered, where the decision takes place.

Every desire, need or demand starts with an inspiration, followed by the need of objective information and other people's opinions to make

the buying decision.


Get your content, stories and products delivered, where the conversation takes place and decisions are made, finalized by availability of the desired products and outlets where the customer can buy it when the money is spent and the shopping takes place, all the way up to the cash register.

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The Story of Content 

Everything you do right now,

just delivered to more people.

Your logo, that's it - no time or money investments in new ideas, agencies, ad production, creative briefs, content projects, apps or risky ad campaigns. Simply, Everything you do now to sell your products, just delivered to more people.

We deliver your current content, story, brands and products to the marketplace where and when the conversation takes place, the desire occurs and becomes a demand, risk free with no costs to content creation, ad production or advertising space.

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Get more cashflow quickly,

you only pay for delivered sales.

Get more cashflow and profit at the bottom line in your business, while supporting your local retail partners and the publishers promoting you,

with more sales too.

Being present from the moment of inspiration when your customers make buying decisons, to the last minute when people are picking up and buying products and brands while shopping in local retail outlets and supermarkets or local venues.

You only pay for delivered sales directly in your business, online, through your affiliated reseller outlets or local retail stores.

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