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Your Privacy In General. (IA Data and Privacy Policy)

IA is a 3rd party supplier and digital technology hub used by companies to track, manage and validate eCommerce activities, such as measuring ad impressions, clicks, conversions and user interactions between the business and its customers across all its associates, services, technologies and collaborators. (ads displayed to you, and ads clicked on by you)

IA's technologies is supported by cookies and proprietary cross device tracking through your browser such as Firefox, Chrome Safari or Internet Explorer.

(No local scripts is executed on your device from IA. Nothing is implemented by IA on your hardware, such a your PC, Mac, Smart-Phone etc.)

IA stores no personal information about your behavior on the internet. Businesses and websites using IA, may use IA to support its technologies and its suppliers with uniquie information about your interactions with the business. Any transportation of data and information relies on the privacy policy of the company performaning such data exchange.

IA can, provided by the businesses, receive data to support its technologies, systems and services to work properly, make calculations and to perform necessary actions to support their communication, user experience, transactions, services and information with you.

Any transportation of data and information relies on the privacy policy of the company performing such data exchange.

In case of ad impressions or clicks on ads, displayed at any service where you might be logged in, - in case that you are using other services that stores or use your personal information, or in case that your performing actions such as purchasing items, filling out forms, is using credit cards or other personal actions, you are as a user protected in relationship to cookies and technologies from IA.

IA serves as a 3rd party between other technologies and businesses you interact with as a user. Your concern for your own privacy should be with other cookie-based suppliers, services or technology vendors and how they use your data. Any transportation of data and information relies on the privacy policy of the company performaning such data exchange.

See current details and opt-out possibilities here: http://www.worldprivacyforum.org/cookieoptout.html and here: http://www.networkadvertising.org/

We're using browser technologies which you, at any time is able to delete from browsers you are using. Cookies from IA is identified as "tracead.com" or  "influenceaudience.com" in your browser/cookie settings. Please follow updated and browser-individual instructions here: How to delete cookies

To Your Protection:

In your interest and to protect your own judgement about our cookies and data privacy-policy. Our privacy policy is kept short to your convenience

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